Monday, January 28, 2013

Smart Chair Is Beautiful, Lightweight, & Stable

Smart Chair, designed through the combined efforts of Kim Jhi Yong, Park Chul Wung, Eom Gi Chen, Jung Jin Seok, Prof. Kim Young Yun, Oh Jung Min, and Chung Sae Ha, was created in an effort to combine beauty and the latest technological innovations without compromising the safety of the user.  The designers chose to take a minimalist approach to the design of this chair resulting in a very simple yet elegantly designed front wheel drive powerchair.  More information and image after the jump.

Friday, January 25, 2013

USDOE Orders Schools To Provide Sports To Disabled

The US Department of Education has ordered schools to either make "reasonable" accommodations to their sports programs so that disabled students can participate or create separate teams for them.  This historical decision is said to create an impact on school sports not seen since the Title IX order was implemented 40 years ago, a regulation that required schools to offer equal athletic opportunities for both female and male students.  Read more about this groundbreaking decision after the jump.