Friday, June 15, 2012

Elman Lewis' Lucy Lift Brings Style to Hoyer Lift

Transferring patient with limited mobility to a bathtub or a wheelchair can be really difficult and uncomfortable. Lucy Lift has been designed to answer this problem; it’s an ideal patient transfer lift that provides easy transport as well as essential hygiene services, like we mentioned previously going to the toilet or taking a bath. Based on in-depth researches and interviews, this industrial designer identifies some major issues with current bath lifts, therefore it needs new bath lift design that addresses all those problems.  More info and images after the jump.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Push Girls Gives World Insight Into Wheelchair-Bound Life

The reality TV series Push Girls recently debuted on the Sundance Channel a couple of weeks ago (it's also on Hulu) and follows the lives of four women who all deal with the various trials and tribulations that follow when using a wheelchair on a daily basis. The show so far has provided a somewhat unfiltered and refreshing look into the lives of these women and is focused on showing that the wheelchair or injuries do not stop these women from pursuing their dreams. More info after the jump.