Saturday, June 9, 2012

Push Girls Gives World Insight Into Wheelchair-Bound Life

The reality TV series Push Girls recently debuted on the Sundance Channel a couple of weeks ago (it's also on Hulu) and follows the lives of four women who all deal with the various trials and tribulations that follow when using a wheelchair on a daily basis. The show so far has provided a somewhat unfiltered and refreshing look into the lives of these women and is focused on showing that the wheelchair or injuries do not stop these women from pursuing their dreams. More info after the jump.

The women, Tiphany Adams, Auti Adams, Angela Rockwood and Mia Schaikewitz, leave no subject matter hidden with the portrayal of their lives. Dating, heath problems, and grief and frustration are all there for everyone to see. You can see firsthand how one of these women flirting with a guy as she is pumping gas into her car and see another having a spasm during a photoshoot and having to deal with a uncomfortable photographer. One is struggling with the thought of settling down with her boyfriend with another is hesitant to put her dance career on hold to start a family with her husband. The overall feeling that you can pick up from the show is that many of the issues that the women are dealing with are no different than anybody else: their injuries and their wheelchair only motivate them to work even harder than they possibly could if they were not injured and using a wheelchair.

The other topic that is raised are the stereotypes that the masses have for people in a wheelchair and the reactions that these women (and every wheelchair user) to these stereotypes. You will not believe how often people think that if you are in a wheelchair, you are a desperate person who will take the first person who looks your way. Or even more offensively — they will think you should only date someone else in a wheelchair. This show is a perfect platform to show the masses the reaction and response to such stereotypes and these women are brutally honest in their replies to the reactions and thoughts that many able-bodied people have about the disabled.

Check it out on Sundance Channel or Hulu!

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