Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Independent Wheelchair Assist Transforms Manual Wheelchairs Into Scooters

There are times when manual wheelchair users would like the benefit of a powered assist like power chair  users; however, many people do not have the flexibility to own and use both a manual and a power chair daily on a regular basis.  The Independent Wheelchair Assist, or IWA, is a device designed to solve this problem by retrofitting a temporary electric drive to any manual chair.  More information and images after the jump.

Technically still in the conceptual phase, the idea behind the IWA is to provide the same range as a typical power chair without the need to actually switch between chairs.  The manual chair user moves behind the IWA where they dock via bracket that lifts the front casters off the ground.  Handlebars allow the user to control and steer themselves around.

The images above and below are of a mockup of the IWA. For the moment it's just a submission for the James Dyson Award, but in the past many winning designs have gone on to become actual products. And if the IWA's target price tag of around $3-4,000 can be met, there's a chance this could be a viable alternative to using multiple wheelchairs.


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