Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gosichi Conversion for GM Full-Size Trucks

Shown recently at the 2012 NY/Metro Abilities Expo, the GMC Sierra pickup truck in the above pic has been converted by Gosichi.  Founded in 1999 after the owner was frustrated with the lack of vehicle choices (and the fact that he was not particularly fond of minivans), he and his team have created a conversion for a pickup truck that can accommodate many powerchair users as either a driver or front passenger.  The end result of his work is nothing short of incredible.  More info and a video after the jump.

The clearance needed to get in and out of the truck is virtually the same as a deployed ramp on a wheelchair minivan; however, the wheelchair user does not need as much space to get in and out of the truck as there is no need for space to line up with the base of the ramp (like you would need in a minivan).  The floor and the major systems that raise the floor and slide the doors in and out are all constructed of heavy gauge steel and are weather protected from the elements; in fact, it looks like everything seems to have been overbuilt to make it as indestructible as these trucks.  Just like in the minivans, the floor has been lowered 10 inches from stock providing the same interior height as a lowered floor minivan. The amazing thing is how virtually undetectable the conversion is with the truck closed up: unless you are told that the body has been raised 3 inches from standard, the average person will never know the difference until you open up the doors.

Based on the information that was given, they are currently converting only GM extended-cab and crew-cab full-size pickup trucks.  GM full-size SUVs, which use the same chassis, can possibly be converted and could be done if asked to do so.  Hand controls and other assistive systems can be fitted as well.  Aside from those limitations, you can option out the truck any way you wish.  Check out their site for more information.  Enjoy the video below.

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