Friday, June 15, 2012

Elman Lewis' Lucy Lift Brings Style to Hoyer Lift

Transferring patient with limited mobility to a bathtub or a wheelchair can be really difficult and uncomfortable. Lucy Lift has been designed to answer this problem; it’s an ideal patient transfer lift that provides easy transport as well as essential hygiene services, like we mentioned previously going to the toilet or taking a bath. Based on in-depth researches and interviews, this industrial designer identifies some major issues with current bath lifts, therefore it needs new bath lift design that addresses all those problems.  More info and images after the jump.

The main objective of this project is to provide the most comfortable, easy to use transfer lift while simultaneously encouraging an emotional bond between the user and lift. Emotional connections can be formed based on the anamorphic design, it gives the lift a personality that makes user feels comfortable when using it. Lucy Lift.

Elman Lewis explains, “The use of prototyping has helped me to understand the process of the transfer lift and allowed me to begin to generate concept ideas that can benefit the design. Computer aided design enabled the lift to be put into virtual hygiene scenarios allowing me to analyze how the lift interacts with other objects within the bathroom environment. With this end product I have accomplished all of my aims; the product will provide patients with their essential hygiene services and fits comfortably into the market that it is aimed at due to its unique multipurpose functionality. Overall the design will seamlessly transport a patient to the bathroom, with relative ease and comfort, whilst being much less intimidating than previous lift designs.”

Lucy Lift does not only provide benefits for the patients but also the caretakers. By understanding social semiotics, a user-friendly interface has been developed which can be easily interpreted by all caretakers.

The overall Lucy Lift design features:
-Horizontal Handle (provides more force for pushing)
-Clear Interface (easy to interpret battery level)
-Lift and Pull Battery Compartment
-Silent Motor Reduces Noise (noises in a hard surface surrounding such as the bathroom can make sounds echo making bathing experience distressing)
-Polyurethane Body (provides excellent hygiene control and provides incredible tensile strength)
-Max Load 160 kg (350 lb)
-Highly Adaptable (lift can be used to maneuver patients in and out of bathtubs, toilets, showers etc…)
-Max Stroke High of 2 Meters (6.5 ft)
-Ergonomic Seating (incorporating pressure distribution and anthropometric data provides for excellent buttocks and lumbar support)
-Genitalia Clearance (ideal clearance making sure that genitalia is not trapped when maneuvering the patient)
-Fat Free Organic Design Suited In Any Care Environment

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