Monday, May 11, 2009

Toyota i-Real: Toyota's "Revolutionary New" Idea Is Actually A Wheelchair

This is a Toyota concept "vehicle", called the i-Real, that debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.  While Toyota calls this concept a "revolutionary new idea in transportation", in actually they seemed to have inadvertently created a wheelchair.  It has similar attributes to a wheelchair with a joystick control and the ability to raise and lower the seat as well as multiple speed settings.  There are, however, some new and useful ideas on this concept that could easily be adapted to existing wheelchairs.  The adjustable wheelbase would be nice to enhance stability at high speeds.  Internet connectivity and the ability to communicate with other wheelchair users via a twitter-like system would be great in terms of communicating with others.  The LED lighting on the back which has the ability to serve as lights is just really cool and could be utilized by people in ways I cannot imagine.  Anyways, check out the clip and enjoy looking at the capabilities of Toyota's vehicle/wheelchair.

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