Friday, June 26, 2009

The New Generation Of Powerchairs: Drill Power??

For those who find strapping a gas motor to a manual chair to be a little overkill, how about a chair using a power drill as a motor?  Yes, DPX Systems has created a system that can utilize to power of a cordless drill as a power supplement for those who use a manual chair.  The system weighs about 14 lbs and can power the chair for about 4 miles of constant use at a speed of around 10-12 mph.  It appears to be easily movable to any manual chair and can be removable with a few screws.  The beauty of this idea is that the motors and batteries can easily be found at any hardware shop and the user has the ability to carry extra batteries (since they are very small) for added range.   This could prove to be a nice and cheaper alternative to other power assist devices out there for manual chair users.

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