Monday, August 3, 2009

Eco-Monster Wheelchair: Cadkit CadWeazle

German company Cadkit, producers of off-road wheels for a variety of applications, has created a series of wheelchairs fitted with their special off-road wheels. Called the Cadkit, their wheel and tire packages allow for their custom wheelchairs to conquer a variety of rough terrain that would bog down most, if not any, other powerchair. As you can see in the clip, you can see that it can handle sand without a problem. Worried about the seawater shorting out the electrical systems? They covered that since the batteries and other systems have been made watertight to protect it from anything short of actually taking the thing underwater. Worried about the sand sapping the range of the chair down to essentially nothing? No need to worry about that either since they have an optional solar panel that can be fitted to charge and top off the batteries (and also acts as shade for the user). An eco-friendly powerchair with an (almost) unlimited range and can go over almost any terrain? How clever is that! Check it out on their site and watch the clip.

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