Sunday, July 11, 2010

Richard Stark's Neptune Prosthetic Fin

Even though Nelson Cardona from Colombia is physically disabled, he was able to reach up to the top of the Everest with the help of prosthetic legs. After this huge success, if Cardona starts pursuing his another dream to cross the English Channel, do you think using his same prosthetic leg would be an ideal choice? Of course not. Neptune is a simple, stylish and easy adoptable swimming aid concept that can be suited in 3 most usual types of amputations and provide ultimate support for swimming by using a standard silicone liner with a mounted cup to ensure even distribution of force from the tip to the leg. The fin remains attached to the cup that can rotate up to 90°, ensuring efficient breaststroke swimming. Additionally, spontaneous and uncoordinated action is being achieved by the 360° movement of the fin. Adjusting the strength of the fin is done by a slider.  More images after the jump.

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