Thursday, March 17, 2011

G-Navi GPS System to Assist Blind and Guide Dogs

G-Navi is a concept mechanism for directing blind people that combines a harness for the guide dog and a headset that remains attached around the backside of the user’s neck. The system synchronizes with the existing GPS and sends out signal to the user when and which why he or she has to turn to reach a particular destination. Though the signal is for the dog’s harness that leans to the appropriate direction fromthe GPS, resulting turning the dog’s head in that way, the headset also is notified which conveys the signal to the user through vibration to ensure the dog is going to the right direction. Moreover, this innovative concept can be used to make SOS calls and bookmarking information about new places with simple button press. The required energy for the system is accumulated through two 30×100 mm solar panel attached on the guide dog’s vest.  More images after the jump.

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