Saturday, April 23, 2011

Facundo Elias' Modern Wheelchair Concept

Many designers are trying to come up with unique next generation wheelchair concept in order to fall back on conventional materials and technology. The newest wheelchair design concept by Facundo Elias is worth appreciating. In terms of its overall design, the wheelchair features two large wheels for main support, one small wheel behind and a comfortable leg-resting pad. The seat offers real comfort, improving access for caregiver help and as well accommodates variousposters that are not provided via existing wheelchair designs. The backrest, seat pan as well as armrest designs are meant to address different postures including stable position for traveling at high speeds as well as prone to standing. The designer’s efforts are directed at grabbing attention to the requirements, which are not passably addressed in traditional wheelchairs.  More images after the jump.

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  1. Can this design be electric or manually powered?