Monday, January 16, 2012

NYC Unveils VPG MV-1 Taxi

New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently unveiled VPG's MV-1 that has recently been approved for taxi and limousine duty in the city.  Other cities, such as Philadelphia, have also recently approved this vehicle for taxi and limo use.  Currently New York City has placed 30 MV-1s for test usage in their Access-A-Ride program, a program that is criticized by many disabled New Yorkers as being too costly and impractical for the disabled population to use.  More information after the jump.

It has been widely known that there  is a push to have officials take measures to make all new taxis be accessible like the MV-1:  the official "Cab of Tomorrow" approved by the MTA is the Nissan NV200, a minivan that is currently not capable of transporting a wheelchair-bound passenger.  Reports have been surfacing that Nissan is working to resolve this issue and modify their vehicle to be wheelchair-accessible.    The MTA is also providing incentives for cab and limousine companies in New York City to purchase and use the MV-1:  these incentives could drive down the cost of the MV-1 to around $15,000 making it significantly cheaper than other taxi options.

You can read more about the MTA unveil here.

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