Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Andrew Mitchell's "Ultra-Long Distance" Wheelchair Concept

Andrew Mitchell's concept for an "ultra-long distance" wheelchair is an elegant take on a racing wheelchair. The main objectives when designing this wheelchair were to provide comfort and optimal performance for its user, it has to be more than just an aspirational stylistic experiment. To push the wheelchair along, tracking motion is required and comfort of the user is paramount.  More information and images after the jump.

Much like a racing wheelchair, the rider is positioned in such way where the chest is placed in an open position to facilitate better breathing when touring. Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair design enables the driver’s leg to be in a more relax position compared to traditional racing wheelchair, thus minimizing any discomfort. This position also allows the rider to have more options for supporting body weight using a more traditional seating position than resting it solely on the legs.

The innovative design of this wheelchair keeps shoulders over the front edge of the driving wheels while the whole body position can be engaged by the rider to provide maximum power. The chassis of the Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair is a carbon fiber shell with expanded foam core incorporating aluminum structures for extra load spreading. Gold and red accenting along the key performance parts helps draw attention to the smaller details and makes the wheelchair look sporty and aggressive.

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