Thursday, August 23, 2012

Useful Idea: Car Driven By Remote Control

The picture above is of the BYD Su Rai, a new car sold in China. While this car is, as far as anyone is concerned, not intended to be sold outside of China, the interesting feature that stands out about this car is the fact that it has the capability of being driven by remote control.  More information and a video clip after the jump.

Though the remote, the user can start the car and drive it in all directions.  There are some restrictions for using the remote control: the user can only use it up to a little more than 1 mph and must be within 33 feet of the vehicle.  How would this feature be useful to the disabled community?  Think about the many times you have parked your car and were unable to get in or out because someone parked too close to allow you to get your wheelchair to get through.  Would it be nice to have a way to move your car just a bit so that you could get in or out? What about if you have hand controls in your car and it needed to be moved while it is being serviced? I can think of a number of instances where a feature like this would be quite useful to have this feature.

Enjoy the clip below!

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