Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Exosuit That Could Be Applied For Disabled?

Harvard researchers have developed and demonstrated an exosuit that is designed to boost the strength and stamina of the wearer.  More information after the jump.

The 17-pound suit uses a number of air bladders and specially engineered fabrics to strengthen, support, and assist the muscles of the wearer.  While the suit is capable of tripling the strength of the wearer, the user will still be subjected to any normal compressive forces as well as any forces generated by the suit. Since the suit does not have any rigid structure, the wearer will still be in danger when lifting a heavy object despite being able to run faster and further than normal.

This exosuit is currently being funded by DARPA, a government agency responsible for developing future military equipment.  The initial intention of this suit is for it to be used by soldiers to allow them to travel faster and further on foot.  Ideally it is to be refined to the point that it is small and lightweight enough to be worn under the soldiers clothing and still be comfortable to wear.  Like a number of military applications, this exosuit could be applied to assisting disabled individuals that have difficulty walking long distances.

Check out the clip below to see the suit in action.  Enjoy!

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