Monday, December 21, 2009

Nuance Releases Dragon iPhone Apps

Nuance, the creators of the Dragon Naturally Speaking program, have released two apps for the iPhone. For those who are not familiar with Dragon, it is a speech to text program that is used by many disabled users who have difficulty typing... or doctors and professionals who require dictation... or, if you have seen the commercials, people who simply cannot be hassled with the idea of using a keyboard to type. The apps, which are currently free, are split into two parts. Dragon Dictation is pretty much exactly what the name implies: it is for dictation so that the text that is spoken can be cut and pasted into an email, text message, or any other application where you will need to paste a lot of text. The other program, Dragon Search, allows you to simply say what you wish to search and it will search for any pertinent results from your default search engine, Youtube, Twitter, iTunes, and Wikipedia. How easy is it to use? If you use Dragon Speak on your computer, then you already know how to use these apps: they use all the same commands. Nice :)

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