Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wheelchair-Fu Classes At The Neuro Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre

Several months ago, there was a post on wheelchair self-defense (aka Wheelchair-fu). The clip in this post is of a wheelchair self-defense class that is being held at the Neuro Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre in Toronto. Developed by Grant Murray and Rich VanderWal, they have taught a number of wheelchair users how to block, punch, grasp, and joint-lock. While the goal for this class may be to learn how to defend against an attacker, the other main goals for the wheelchair user is to learn how to be comfortable with one's wheelchair-bound body, to get comfortable in the chair and to build up one's sense of confidence. While defensive moves are taught, strengthening, balance, and appropriate wheelchair positioning are also taught in this class. The idea that Murray and VanderWal would like to convey to their students is that a wheelchair can be seen as a weapon and not a hinderance.

Unable to make it to this class? One thing to remember is that when attacked, the attacker will be forced to lean over to grab you, instantly throwing the attacker off-balance. Using this idea to your advantage, you can escape from the attacker or even be able to scare them off. Check out the article of this class at this link.

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