Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clay Egan's Jack'd Up

Jack'd Up is a show that mashes two athletes, one disabled, the other able-bodied, together to see what happens when two extreme people from completely different backgrounds come together.  More after the jump.

The show's host is Clay Egan, a former motocross racer who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident.  Despite this setback, Egan went on to become the first quadriplegic professional rock crawler.  As a proven winner in the sport and sought-after driver in the sport, Clay has worked to show that there are many other individuals who exude the same exceptional talent, acute skill, and eternal-optimism in their right.

In the clip previewing the pilot episode, you will see Hardcore Sitter Aaron Fotheringham and Freestyle Motocross legend Kenny "Cowboy" Bartram come together and see what craziness ensues.  Judging from the preview, there is a lot of extreme things that can happen.  Enjoy!  

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