Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nomad Wheelchair Concept Shows That Wheelchairs Can Be Beautiful

There are many who consider a wheelchair as nothing more than an appliance or a medical device and not something that can be considered as a thing of beauty.  Luckily, the designer of this Nomad Wheelchair Concept is not one of those people.  Just look at how the simple elegance and beauty of this wheelchair can transform a mere medical device into something stylish and sophisticated.  More information after the jump.

The Nomad Wheelchair concept is the outcome of Mark Owen’s continuous effort with his brother Jon and Angela Gidden, a furniture designer of Studio SDA, after he got paralyzed in a motorbike accident. The inconveniences and difficulties he has faced with the traditional wheelchairs became the key turning point of Mark to make an innovative wheelchair that can overcome all those problems successfully. Finally, the lightweight and minimal mobility device reached the production house with the money he got from his personal injury claim. The simple and sleek wheelchair excludes all the unnecessary elements and has been structured in a comfortable and contemporary way where a person can sit and roll for longer time without getting irritated.


  1. awesome.! are these chairs in production yet? where can i get another look at one?

  2. Hi,

    These chairs are in production and are being sold in UK at the moment.

  3. These look the best chair I've seen and believe me I have seen and tried many. when my next chiar is due you will first on the list.
    Thank you for the way that you view designe for wheelchairs, it's realy refreshing to know someone realy cares.

  4. I saw the chair in the flesh about a month ago in one of the shows, stunning chair, looks very sexy in white! Nice to see someones looking to make a change, nice bunch of guys as well. I will be having a demo in the next few weeks, will post my thoughts!

  5. hello just a small correction studio SDA designed the frame and Angela Gidden and team at attic 2 studio designed the Soft Seat System.