Saturday, January 8, 2011

Induction Charging Should Come On Powerchairs Too

Do you ever forget to charge your cellphone at the end of the day?  How about your powerchair?  I am sure everyone has had a incident where you forgot to plug in that much-needed device the night before.  Would it not be nice to figure out a way to just simply charge your device without the need to plug it into the wall?  This is where induction charging comes in to solve that issue.  More information after the jump.

In simple terms, induction charging is essentially a method of charging an electronic device, such as a an electric car shown in the pic above, without the need for wire.  A converter on the device works in concert with an induction "pad" that is on the surface.  In the case of a powerchair user, it would mean that the user would just need to park their chair over the "pad" to charge it - it is that simple.  It is already being used to charge cellphones and iPods and it is already being studied for use in charging everything from charging electric cars to cooking appliances.  Hopefully this technology can be used to charge wheelchairs and other equipment as it can lessen the bulk of cords and plugs that come with the use of such devices - and it solves the problem of forgetting to charge your powerchair.

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