Sunday, January 30, 2011

UK Classifies Tankchair As A Tank

Jim Starrs, a former landscaper from the UK, is the proud owner of a Tankchair, a contraption that has been mentioned before. The interesting situation about Jim and his Tankchair is that he has been banned by the local authorities from using it.  More info after the jump.

According to reports by the authorities, the Tankchair is too large and too heavy to qualify as a wheelchair; in fact, it actually qualifies as a tank.  Because of this fact, authorities will only allow Mr. Starrs to operate the Tankchair if he obtains a special license for tracked vehicles, which is primarily given to military officers who operate battle tanks. Once he has the license, he can operate it in public areas.  While he has taken it to wooded areas and the beach to test out the capabilities of the Tankchair (along with spending time with his daughter), Mr. Starrs is currently restricted by the authorities to operate it on private property.

While this situation is rather unfortunate and hope that this situation is resolved with everybody satisfied, it is amazing that authorities would consider this beast of a chair as a tank!  Check out the clip above. 

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