Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 Honda Odyssey By BraunAbility

BraunAbility has begun to release information about their Entervan conversion for the current 2011 Honda Odyssey.  The picture above is a preproduction vehicle that was shown at the 2011 Abilities Expo in Los Angeles earlier in April.  The conversion incorporates many of the usual refinements that are consistent with BraunAbility's conversions; however, there is a step for the driver and front passenger that has been integrated into the side skirts to facilitate ingress and egress.

The Honda Odyssey conversion is interesting as this particular generation minivan was made purposely shorter (in height) in order to create a sleeker shape.  While doing this was meant to increase fuel economy, this could impede interior height even with the 10" lowered floor.  The Odyssey is known to have, by minivan standards, exceptionally good handling:  how does the conversion and the necessary suspension changes affect the performance of the vehicle?  Hopefully BraunAbility's conversion of this minivan has not altered the many good characteristics of this good vehicle. 

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  1. Mind blowing design. Flawless this is. If I got some money then definitely I will go for one. My heart goes crazy with this model.