Sunday, July 10, 2011

Egle Ugintaite's Concept For Walking Cane

The Aid personal health management device provides the possibility for users who love to be an active member in their community but have difficulty in leaving their homes due to the health issues. This cane-like unit has been designed to become useful ICT device in user’s daily lives where it features services that are integrated with social infrastructure.  More information and images after the jump.

The Aid is actually focused to help elderly people and traumatized people who usually don’t have the confidence to step outside their house. They are isolated from the outside world and usually depressed because of the lack of social interaction with other people. This device works as a walking cane, a ‘helping hand’ to this people. It provides security and guidance from being lost or receiving the attention/help they need immediately.

The integrated navigator works as a service and health device that provides informationabout blood pressure temperature and pulse rate. The SOS button when pressed will contact the help center and send the user’s current health status and location to provide immediate help from qualified individual.

The Aid personal health management device will help people with limited lifestyle to become more independent, confident, and sociable.

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