Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mercedes F1 Team Sponsors Artificial Hand For Fan

British teen Matthew James, who was born without a left hand, found a creative way to secure funding to obtain an artificial hand.  The young Formula One fan wrote a letter to Ross Brawn, Mercedes GP Petronas team boss, asking him for the funding to get an artificial hand in exchange for permission for the company to place a Mercedes logo on his hand - along the same lines as the logos seen on their F1 cars.

Mercedes was so moved by the young man's letter that they agreed to help him and worked with Touch Bionics, maker of the i-Limb Pulse, to design a custom prosthetic hand for Matthew.  The i-Limb Pulse is one of the most advanced prosthetic limbs in the world.  With this hand, the teen will be able to grip a pen, tie his shoes, and catch a ball with ease.  The limb is controlled by electrodes that work from impulses coming from the muscles on his lower arm.  The hand is even equipped with Bluetooth so that the hands movements and strength can be monitored via computer.

This hand has been a massive help in allowing Matthew to live a normal life.  And yes, there is a Mercedes logo by his wrist.  Watch the clip above to find out more information.  Enjoy!

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