Thursday, August 4, 2011

Part Man Part Car Tip: Service Your Chair/Scooter Or Else It Can Catch Fire

Aiden Cassidy's story of his scooter serves as a reminder to powerchair/scooter users to make sure your chair is properly maintained.

The 77 year-old stroke victim from the UK was using his 6 month old scooter when he noticed that the motor was cutting out.  After shutting the scooter off and restarting, one of the batteries on the scooter had exploded and broke out into a fire.  Thankfully, Mr. Cassidy's assistant managed to assist him off before the fire consumed the entire scooter, as seen in the photo above.

Mr. Cassidy has since been given a replacement scooter by a friend.  The thing that should be taken away from this story is that any issue with your powerchair/scooter should be checked out as soon as possible and to make sure that it is properly serviced and maintained.  An image of what remains of the scooter is after the jump.

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