Monday, July 16, 2012

Blindsquare Uses Foursquare To Guide Blind

MIPSoft has developed an app for the iPhone and iPad called Blindsquare.  Utilizing GPS and compass data along with information gathered by the popular Foursquare app, Blindsquare allows the blind to see where they are by having the app dictate where they are located. This allows the user to determine where they are and also get verbal directions to their destination.  Blindsquare users can even get enhanced control with special accessories such as bone conduction headphones and a remote control so the user can have complete function while keeping their phone hidden.  Since the app does use Foursquare, Blindsquare users can also use the app to check in to locations on Foursquare.

The app is available now on iTunes for $14.99.  Enjoy!

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