Monday, November 19, 2012

Supercar Fitted With Hand Controls :)

The car that is in the picture above is a Nissan GTR.  This is currently one of the quickest supercars available to the public.  Capable of keeping up with almost any Ferrari, Porsche, or nearly any vehicle short of a pure race car, it is one of those dream cars that many people only dream about seeing let alone drive or own.  Unfortunately for many of us in wheelchairs, the only way we could drive them is through a video game.  With many of these cars fitted with manual transmissions, cars with such performance capabilities were not an option for those that needed to use hand controls. Fortunately, the GTR does not have a manual transmission: it has a semi-automatic transmission that has paddle shifters and even an automatic mode.  More info after the jump.

The Nissan GTR is part of an increasing number of cars that are being fitted with paddle shift transmissions.  Beginning with Formula One, paddle shifts have begun to filter down into supercars as well as normal cars as it was found that, in racing, a car's performance was improved.  Another advantage is that semi-automatic transmissions removed the need for a clutch pedal, making it easier to use for disabled and non-disabled drivers.  Since the proliferation of paddle shift transmissions, there have been increasing numbers of pictures and stories of supercars fitted with hand controls.  Below is a picture of a Nissan GTR fitted with hand controls.  The picture is from the TopSpeed Motorsports Facebook page of one of their customer's cars.  While there is not much information regarding the customer or the hand controls, it is known that the customer's wheelchair does fit perfectly in the backseat and that there are plans to increase the performance of this already powerful and quick super car.  Enjoy!

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