Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bartek Ostalowski Drifts Car With His Feet

Drifting is a form of motorsport that consists of intentionally sliding a car around a corner at speed.  In many respects, it is like controlling a car that is almost out of control.  Bartek Ostalowski is a gifted individual who competed in various Rally and Cup Car races before his pursuit into Drifting.  What makes this 26 year old from Poland so special is that he drives the car with his feet.  More info and a video clip after the jump.

After an accident in 2006 that caused him to lose his arms, he still continues to live his life and pursue his passion for racing and cars.  His specially equipped Nissan Skyline GT is sequential transmission fitted with a special lever to allow him to change gears with his left shoulder.  He uses his right foot to operate the pedals and his left foot to move the steering wheel.  The driver's seat is positioned a little further back to make things easier to use with his feet.

Check out the following clips below as he talks about Drifting.  Enjoy!

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