Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Audi Piloted Driving via Audi Connect

Audi unveiled a demonstration of their latest feature that is part of a system of telematics system called Audi connect.  This particular feature, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, utilizes the driver's smartphone to interact with their vehicle and allow the driver to exit their vehicle and have their car park itself.  This is a particular feature that could prove useful for disabled drivers.  More information and a video after the jump.

There are already vehicles available to the public that are able to park itself, such as parallel parking or parking into a designated parking space.  Audi's system takes things a step further in that it allows the driver to exit their vehicle at a specific location and drive itself to a parking spot and park itself.  When the car is parked, it will turn itself off.  Once the driver is ready to leave, they use their smartphone to let the car know that he or she wants to be picked up and will drive itself to the driver's location.

The applications for the use of this system can prove to be very useful for the disabled.  The driver can exit the vehicle at the entrance and their car can park itself without the complication of finding a disabled parking space.  Once the driver is ready to leave, the car can return to the user and the driver can simply get back in the vehicle and leave.  The convenience of this feature can eliminate a lot of the hassles that can plague many disabled drivers these days.

While Audi has not announced when this system will be put into their production cars, hopefully this feature will spread to other vehicles and hopefully be utilized by some of the vans and other adapted vehicles.  Enjoy the clip below that demonstrates the feature in use.

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