Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kevin Connolly's Armed & Ready

Kevin Michael Connolly is a photographer, author, and general thrill seeker that has traveled all over the world.  While his earlier photography work and memoirs have profiled the reaction that people have to the fact that he was born without legs, his show on the Travel Channel focuses on how someone with no legs can still have some exciting and amazing adventures and experiences.  More information and a video after the jump.

While many people would use a wheelchair to get around, Kevin prefers to use his arms to move about.  In a number of situations, he uses a skateboard.  His preference to not use a wheelchair is unique and nurtured from his travels in other countries where accessibility is barely or non-existent.  Connolly does not let the lack of legs slow him down one bit as this show chronicles his experiences such as street luge, cliff-diving, to Zorb-riding.

Check out the clip below.  The show premieres on February 26th at 10PM (EST) on Travel Channel.

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