Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Justin Spurlock's "Orange Crush"

Being an avid car enthusiast myself and having done my own customizations on my personal minivan, I had to put up a post of Justin Spurlock's 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan, whom he dubs as "Orange Crush".  As you can see, Spurlock does not let the fact that he is a C5-7 quad stop him from having one of the nicest minivans around.  More information after the jump.

Originally being painted red and featuring a number of custom modifications such as LED lighting and custom wheels in addition to the low effort steering, EZ lock, and EMC hand controls, the car was in an accident a year ago and was considered totaled.  While this situation would lead most people to get another car, Spurlock saw this as an opportunity to rebuild his car and transform it further.  The car was rebuilt and received extensive body modifications to give the van a sleeker look.  The car was repainted from red to a tangerine and orange (dubbed "Tangelo Pearl") color with a carbon fiber gray hood and roof.  The custom wheels were replaced with a new set of custom 20" wheels transforming the van into something that is far removed from the soccer-mom look that plagues most minivans.

The car is not done yet as there is still a number of modifications to the interior and suspension that is still being completed.  The ultimate goal is to have this vehicle displayed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the biggest and most prestigious custom car show in the country.  You can keep up to date on the progress of Orange Crush by following his Facebook page here.

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