Monday, February 9, 2009

Powerchair Hockey... Part Hockey, Part Demolition Derby, All Exciting :)

With many sports geared for people using manual chairs (track, murderball, etc), powerchair hockey is a sport that is tailored for powerchair users.  The game follows most of the same rules as the standard game with the major changes being a change of venue from an ice rink to a gymnasium, use of a whiffle ball instead of a puck,  and players using hockey sticks by either holding it the conventional way, wedging it between their legs, or taping it to their wheelchair. With all the players driving powerchairs, it adds a small element of added excitement similar to what can be seen in a demolition derby.  The sound of metal crashing against each other along with the sounds of plastic crunching adds to the sense of excitement and feeling that this sport is just as legitimate as any NHL game.  The players, ranging from 13 to over 30 years old, are all after that sense of competition and challenge that any athlete desires.  This is definitely not a watered-down version of hockey: this is a very real sport and the players definitely treat it as such!  For more information, check out Philadelphia Power Play

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