Sunday, March 22, 2009

Disabled People Can Take A Joke, Mr. Obama

The second I walked into work, my coworkers asked me about what I felt about President Obama's comment. I personally thought it was funny and laughed. My coworkers found it kind of amazing that I did not take offense to what he said. While I do think that as the President, it probably was not the best thing to say, but he is a person. Would it be any different if an ordinary person said it? If an ordinary person said it, would it have created as much controversy? I doubt it. The President is a person and is no different than anybody else other than title. I think people these days have become too sensitive to offend others. Disabled people are people as well and I doubt that any disabled person took any serious offense to his remark. I just hope that the President's ability to lead the country is better than his bowling average :)

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