Friday, March 6, 2009

What Engineers Didn't Factor In When They Design Wheelchairs

This is a funny story that I heard from someone a few years ago. The following conversation happened at a meeting a few days after a night of debauchery with friends who took him out for his birthday. It involves him, his friends Joe and Dave, his classmates at the meeting, and their professor:

Him (attempting to park): Geez, it feels a lil' wierd getting around with this new joystick

Joe: Hey! You got a new joystick! What happened to the old one??

Dave: *has a big smile on his face*

Him:'s kind of a long story...

Joe: Oh geez... another drunken drunk were you this time??

Everybody: *starts laughing*

Dave: *still smiling*

Him: No, I wasn't really all that drunk...

Joe: Yeah, right...

Him: OK, I might as well tell all of you what really happened to it...

Everybody (including my Professor): *totally slient and listening*

Him: My joystick got knocked off by some stripper's ass while she was giving me a lapdance

Everybody: What the fuck!! That was the last thing I was expecting!! BA-ZING!!

Him: Hey! At least that is the most unqiue way for a joystick to go out!!

Professor: Well, I guess the people who engineered that joystick never took [having a stripper's ass knocked off by her ass while giving me a lapdance] into account...

As far as his folks are concerned, his joystick popped off when he drove over a pothole and fell into a sewer... :)

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