Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autoblog Takes VPG MV-1 For A Quick Spin

Autoblog has recently been given the opportunity to take the brief drive of VPG's MV-1 at their production facility in Indiana.  While the focus on their test drive was assessing the driving characteristics of this car, they managed to reveal some interesting bits of information that should be of interest to those interested in the car.

First off, if you plan on driving this from your chair, do not bother,   Hand controls cannot be mounted onto the steering column to operate the pedals:  this is designed to be a transporter vehicle only.  Thankfully, it appears to be a capable transporter with a wide-opening door and an under-the-floor ramp that can  make ingress and egress a cinch.  The ramp is stout and is designed to exceed the ADA requirements for vehicle ramps. There appears to be tie-down locations for the front passenger and middle-row area (just behind the front passenger).  Overall, it provides a simple and, when compared to the traditional lowered-floor minivan, affordable transportation.

You can read Autoblog's quick review at this link.  Enjoy!

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