Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smart Idea: Trevor Prideaux Integrates Smartphone Dock In Prosthetic Arm

What would you do if you have a prosthetic arm and a smartphone?  If you were Trevor Prideaux, you would have integrated a dock into your arm, just like he did.  The British native is being credited for being the first person in the world with this particular modification.  Before this idea came about, Prideaux  was considering purchasing an iPhone, but could not easily use it since he would have to balance his smartphone on his arm or use a table in order to use it.  The idea of integrating it into his arm was conceived and contacted Apple to obtain a blank iPhone to test the idea; unfortunately, the request was denied.  A prototype was created and made with help from the local prosthetic limb company and Nokia: after five weeks of development, a Nokia C7 dock was integrated into his left arm prosthesis to allow Prideaux to text, email, use the internet, and make calls without having to remove the phone from his arm.  This is such an amazing idea that Trevor hopes that "people who have had motorbike crashes and soldiers who have lost limbs - they could all benefit from this."

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