Sunday, October 30, 2011

Iimagine Design's Carbon Black Wheelchair

Iimagine Design, based in the UK, recently debuted their new wheelchair, the "Carbon Black".  Utilizing the latest in design, manufacturing, and materials, this is a unique manual wheelchair constructed almost completely out of carbon fiber.  The overall design of this chair serves the purposes of not only being comfortable (as each chair is custom-measured to the user) and accessible but also streamlined and aesthetically pleasing to look at.  This is definitely not a wheelchair that you would mistake for the ones you see at a hospital.

The moving components of the chair are designed to be lubricant-free for low maintenance and the backrest and footrest can be adjusted without the use of tools.  The footrest also house LED lights to illuminate any dark areas the user should traverse.  Due to its carbon fiber construction, which is a quarter the weight but much stronger than steel, it should be significantly easier to move about.

Currently it is available in the EU.  There is no information as to whether this wheelchair will be sold in North America.  Hit the jump for another clip.

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