Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Andrew Shelley's Journey Around The World And Beyond The Chair

Andrew Shelley is the main character in a documentary called "Beyond The Chair" which chronicles his journey around the world... all on his Frontier X5 powerchair. Affected by Emery Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, Andrew did not let this condition stop him from quitting his desk job in 2007 to pursue his trip around the world. Teaming up with his college roommate and a small film crew, the group set out to travel and document Shelley's backpacking journey. Andrew had instructed the film crew to not assist him in any way which forced him to rely solely on himself and the natives for any kind of assistance. With his trip taking him through New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and the United Arab Emirates, his trip was daunting since it avoids most of the developed nations where access is somewhat structured. Traveling from country to country, Shelley encountered many cultures, inquisitive people, and a lack of medical technology such as other power wheelchairs. Instead he found disabled people being pushed in make shift hand carts, non accessible buildings and an incredible amount of human compassion. People though puzzled by his power wheelchair were willing to help and carry him, or his chair, when necessary. The documentary of his trip is still being edited but you can find out more about Andrew Shelley and his trip on his website.

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