Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Wheelchair Etiquette Post

Thanks to some of my facebook friends (Thanks Luke!), I have stumbled upon a facebook group that is dedicated to wheelchair etiquette. There have been posts on this blog about this topic before (see the posts here and here) but this one takes a humorous yet kind of true take on the matter. Some of the rules that have been expressed are "Gimp" or "crip" are totally unacceptable for walking people to say... but it is perfectly okay for a [disabled person] to call themselves and each other that to Don't ever pat a person in a wheelchair on the head and say, "You are doing a super job of dealing with this!" You might end up getting your very own handicapped parking placard and even When you are blocking their way in a restaurant, try to get out of the way calmly and not mutter "I'm sorry; I'm so sorry; I'm so very very sorry," as if you've just stepped on the neck of someone's kitten. Funny yet true. Check out their group if you happen to be on facebook and add whatever you think should be a rule... or is just a funny point.

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