Thursday, September 10, 2009

Proof You Can Pimp An Adapted Vehicle

Check out this clip of John "J2" Mryczko's ride, a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan that has been adapted with electronic hand controls. While the conversion alone is unique enough to not be confused for anyone else's car, J2 has taken it upon himself to create a vehicle that exudes his personality. New wheels, a crazy sound system, and a number of other modifications definitely set his vehicle apart from anyone else. Now J2 is not the first person to do this kind of thing to an adapted minivan: there are others all over the country that have (such as myself) and are doing it as we speak. It is a small but growing group of people that see our vehicles as more than just a simple means of transportation but as a means of expressing our personality. While it is hard to find parts for minivans and there are many car enthusiasts who think people like us are crazy (or do not see the point), when someone in our position manages to (tastefully) transform their vehicle into something unique, you will be surprised with the amount of respect you get from everybody, especially car enthusiasts. The same people who were skeptical that a minivan could be tastefully dressed up and tuned are floored when they see the end result. The same minivan that is widely regarded as a "soccer-mom-mobile" is now something that very few people can wrap their heads around: it is something respected. It is people like J2 who are proof that you can pimp an adapted vehicle.

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