Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RediAuto Sport System: For Those Who Want To Drive Stick

One of the major limitations of hand controls these days is the lack of the availability to adapt controls for vehicles equipped with manual transmissions. While most people are satisfied with driving a car with an automatic, those who have the desire to drive a sports car (such as a Ferrari) were simply out of luck. At least they were out of luck until RediAuto Sport began distributing a series of customized controls that allow users with limited or no leg function the ability to operate any vehicle, even manual transmission equipped vehicles. The system consists of an accelerator ring that is fitted inside the rim of the conventional steering wheel with another lever to control the brake. The shifter operates normally with the clutch controlled automatically through electronic systems. For those that question the effectiveness of this setup, this exact configuration was developed for Alex Zanardi, a former Indy car driver who tragically lost his legs in an accident. A few years after his accident and coupled with this system, he has returned to racing Touring cars in Europe where he has become quite successful. For more information on this hand control system, check out this site.

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